FAQs and Common Questions

What is SPS Property Marketing System?

SPS is a very easy-to-use, comprehensive system to help you win instructions and market properties. SPS helps you to showcase each property as a unique single property site - sometimes known as a property microsite.

First of all, SPS helps to ensure you never lose an instruction again: Convert more enquiries to instructions.
The SPS Site Builder Wizard helps you develop beautiful unique websites for a single listing for free - then use the Free-View™ to send your potential client a preview link of your site - all for free.

If you provide a feed of your properties to Rightmove, then all your property sites can be set up automatically and kept up to date each day.

Once you win the instruction, you will publish your property website to market your property.

Learn more about Single Property Sites.

What does a Single Property Site look like?

SPS helps you to setup stunning Single Property Sites that are are branded with your information and feature huge, expanding photos and all your listing data. There are dozens of different templates to choose from, and you can even use your own custom-branded template.

See a sample Single Property Site.

How do I use Free-View™?

You can set up as many properties as you want in your SPS account for free. (Create your account here.)
Each will be a fully functional Single Property Site, complete with property information, photos and your contact details and present it to sellers as part of your presentation.

It won't be published on the Internet yet, BUT you'll be able to use the Free-View function to send your seller a special link so that they CAN preview your marketing handiwork online.

There really is nothing to pay. You do NOT need a domain name. You do NOT need a subscription to SPS to use Free-View.

When you’re ready for the Property Website to go LIVE on the Internet and take advantage of all the automated Marketing Services provided by SPS, you will Publish your property. At that time you can get a street address domain name if required.

Learn more about Free-View.

How much does SPS cost?

SPS provides several options depending on your needs. Choose the program that suits you best.

Start by using SPS for free - set up as many listings as you need and use the Free-View™ service to impress sellers and ensure you never lose a listing again. This is always a free service from SPS available in your account.

If you just have one or two properties to market, then purchase a publishing Token for each site you want to Publish. The tokens can only be used once, but they will keep the site published for up to 12 months

If you have many properties, then the subscription-based membership service makes it very affordable to market all your properties - not just the high value ones!

To publish property sites and market them, you will either use Tokens or subscribe to the membership level you need, based on the number of Listings you need to have published during the month.
If you have 15 properties, you'll need a level-15 membership.
If you have to market 20 properties, you will have a level-20 membership - and so on.

Choose your membership based on the number of properties you need to have published at any time.

You can turn-OFF a property website at anytime and immediately publish any other property website in its place - as long as you don't exceed your membership level. You can decrease, or increase your membership at any time.
In addition, all your sold / rented etc properties stay published for free!


There is no contract.

Click here to see our pricing plans.

How much time does it take to setup Properties?

Every aspect of the SPS system has been designed to be as easy as possible to use.

You can setup a complete Single Property Site AND give it massive exposure at the major property Portals in literally a matter of minutes.

If you have a Rightmove feed, then all your properties can be automatically setup and kept up to date each day.

Does SPS require any technical knowledge?

None at all!

The Site Builder Wizard produces your Single Property Site for you. There’s no coding involved. And with the Fast-Foto System, there’s no photo editing required either! Fast-Foto automatically resizes and optimising photos for your Single Property Site. You can literally take pictures straight from your camera and put them on the Web – no effort required!

What information can I include in my Single Property Site?

More capability is constantly being added as requested by our clients.

Click here to see a summary of all SPS features.

How does the XML Import work?

If you are sending data to property portals such as Rightmove and others, then it's likely there is a daily file available (called an XML feed) that contains your property data.

Your account can be set up to read this file every day and perform the following actions automatically:

The import process will import all the property data including photos and links to EPC documents too.

How do I get my listing to other key websites?

SPS makes it easy to present your listing data everywhere where buyers are looking!

Here are some ways in which the SPS system AUTOMATICALLY helps you to promote your property across the web and elsewhere!

What is a domain name, and how do I get one?

A domain name is what makes it easy for buyers to find your Single Property Site.

A domain name is simply an online address for a Web site – for example, the demo Single Property Site’s domain name is www.17ElmRoad.com.

When you publish your property site, it will be automatically given a street address URL e.g. http://17elmroad.2seeit.com.

However, you many choose to get a domain name to go along with listing's website. This typically is the street address for your property, but it can be anything you choose. Our system takes care of all the technical issues – you just choose the name you want and go! Your site will be active and linked to your new domain name in about a day, although it may take longer an a few cases. Your domain name will be active for one year.

When you assign a domain name, SPS will automatically create MOBILE version of your site too, and will also make the Instant TEXT Flyers service available as this also uses the Domain name.

Learn more about property domain names

Can I use a Domain Name I already own?

Yes. Once you have created your site, we provide instructions for setting up your site to use your domain name.

You will need to set the DNS records for your domain name at the Registrar where you purchased the domain name.

Am I able to see who viewed my Single Property Site?

SPS includes many different ways to capture and track traffic to your Single Property Sites. The SPS system includes a tracking feature which logs the total number of visitors to your Web site and even generates a report you can send your seller.

Your control panel also includes a Leads and Inquiries Centre, which stores any leads your Single Property Site generates. SPS even sends you a text message alert when you receive a new inquiry.

For advanced users, we've also made it easy to incorporate Google Analytics into your site. This will give you even more ways to track your traffic.

Learn more about traffic reports.

Can I use Single Property Sites to market TO Private Sellers?

Yes! Many SPS users use our system to market to private sellers. Studies show that more than 80 percent of private sellers eventually end up working with an Agent, and they usually select the first Agent that reached out to them. Creating sites for private sellers in SPS is a great way of building a relationship with the seller. You can brand the site with their information too, giving them a valuable service.

And with SPS Free-View, you don't have to pay for anything until you choose to publish the site.

How do I get a For Sale Board

Once you have built your site, you will want to get a FOR SALE board. Your local vendor will be able to assist..