Benefits of Property Marketing with Single Property Sites®

Marketing Properties with SPS has never been so simple! The SPS Real Estate Marketing system helps you dominate your listing market, and takes the time, hard work - and a lot of cost - out of marketing listings.

Start now for free and see for yourself!

For Agents

  • Overcome fee objections
  • Never lose an instruction
  • Make sure buyers see YOUR properties FIRST
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Reduce time and effort of marketing listings
  • Sell Properties Faster
  • Attract more buyers and generate more viewings
  • Capture more leads
  • Build relationships with Private Sellers
  • Affordable, re-usable service keeps costs low
  • Find out how it all works!

For Sellers

  • Impressive, professional spotlight on their home
  • Maximum exposure to drive-by traffic in the neighbourhood
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week advertising and virtual "Open House"
  • 100% exclusive focus on their property
  • Massive Exposure of listing across the Internet

For Buyers

  • Fastest way to find property details online
  • A rich, comprehensive resource for research
  • Easiest way to research homes for sale
  • Gives immediate access to the fullest amount of information
  • Allow buyers to make informed decisions

Inquisitive Neighbours will be the first to see your Single Property Site!

We all know where the first batch of listing brochures goes - they get collected by neighbours wanting to know all about the home being sold in their neighbourhood!

They will see the fabulous job you have done for this property and they are sure to want a similar level of high value add service when it comes to listing their home! With your name and contact details as part of the web site, everyone in the neighbourhood now becomes a potential client.

Sellers take Ownership of their Home's Web Site

By keeping your branding and personal promotion to a minimum on the Single Property Site, you encourage the Seller to feel a sense of ownership about their home's web site! Agents tell us how excited their sellers are about the site and how their Seller's will offer input, photos and more details to create a more substantial resource for potential home buyers.

When you get the personal involvement of Sellers in your marketing plan - you know something is right!

Sellers will promote their home's Listing site and you will get more referrals

With a gorgeous listing web site dedicated to their home, the first thing most sellers will do is tell all their friends, work colleagues and family - what a fantastic way to get your name in front of this wider audience.

Your sellers will be referring you to everyone they know simply by showing them their SinglePropertySite.

Single Property Sites can be a significant Real Estate referral tool for your listing business.